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Fan Mail of the Month: Thanks, Eliza!

We love getting fan mail from young readers here at Pioneer Valley Books! Students write letters to all our characters, but Bella and Rosie are definitely fan favorites around here!

I especially loved this recent letter from Eliza to Bella and Rosie!

An adorable letter from Eliza to Bella and Rosie
An adorable letter from Eliza to Bella and Rosie

In the letter, Eliza writes:

Dear Bella and Rosie,

I love you, Bella and Rosie! What kind of dog are you? When I read your books they make a smile on my face. Everyday you sit next to me and help me learn. I want to meet you in person. How old are you? I hope you like my letter!

Love, Eliza

(P.S. I looooooooooooooooove you!) 


Thank you so much for this letter, Eliza! To answer your questions, Bella and Rosie are Bichon Frises! We actually have a book all about this breed of dog. It’s called “All About Bichons.” (Level F/10) Bichon dogs are small, white, fluffy, and very friendly! Bella and Rosie are very friendly and funny dogs! They are 16 years old, which is quite old for a dog!

"All About Bichons" (F/10) by Michele Dufresne
“All About Bichons” (F/10) by Michele Dufresne

We hope you’ll write us again, Eliza!

For any young readers who’d like to ask Bella and Rosie, or any of our other over forty characters, any questions, please write us! All information on reaching us can be found on the Contact Us page of our website!

Have a great week!

-Michele Dufresne

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