Fan Mail of the Month: Thanks, Milo!

One of the best parts of my job is hearing from the children who read and love the books we make. Knowing teachers all over the world are using our books to improve literacy in their classrooms is a great feeling, and one that continually motivates our whole team here at Pioneer Valley Books.

Every day, kids send letters to us here at PVB HQ. We get letters for Bella, Rosie, Jack, Daisy and all our other beloved characters, and of course, those animals respond personally when they can!

Sometimes, kids write letters just to me, and it always brings a smile to my face. One of my favorite letters I’ve received recently was from a first grader named Milo. Here’s what Milo had to say:

MayFanLetters - 1

Dear Michele Dufresne and Pioneer Valley Books, 

I loved your books. They were the best books I ever read. I loved the ones that were about animals. 

  1. I like that they are nonfiction. They really pull me in the book. 
  2. You stick with four specific topics. 
  3. There is a lot of awesome titles. 
  4. You have specific science words in your books. 

So please make more. I am a big fan of your books. You inspired me to like reading workshop. You are the best book creator in the world!

From, Milo

Well, thank YOU Milo! I am so glad to hear Milo loves our nonfiction books. We take a lot of pride in our nonfiction collections here at Pioneer Valley Books. Our Explore the World nonfiction collection actually just took home first prize in its category at the New England Book Show Awards!

Milo’s teacher wrote the following note to accompany his letter:

MayFanLetters - 2

Milo approached me during our writing workshop to tell me he couldn’t stop thinking about the books he read during our reading workshop. He wanted to let you know that your books transformed his reading experience. He no longer struggles to stay engaged in reading. He is devouring the Explore the World series! My first graders are trading them back and forth with enthusiastic recommendations! I am so appreciative of the rich language opportunities and authentic content. They are a fantastic addition to our classroom library. 


We love hearing from students and teachers alike. We’re so glad to bring these books to schools, and glad to hear when readers are enjoying them!

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