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Teaching Tip: Reading Goals!

I am thrilled with the newest Digital Reader feature: Reading Goals. When we first built the Digital Reader (digitalreader.com), we were thinking about a simple platform that could help teachers access books remotely. We did not imagine it would become such an important resource for you now that you are back in your classrooms!

 We know how important it is for kids to read, read, and read more books. The strongest correlation to becoming a proficient reader is the amount of reading a student does. In a recent efficacy study carried out on the Digital Reader, researchers found that the Kindergarten and Grade 1 students who read more books on the Digital Reader performed better on their district reading assessment (see the study here). We believe the new Reading Goals feature will help you keep students reading every day. With this newest feature, you can set a weekly, monthly, or even yearly goal of books read to encourage your students to use their independent time for reading. We also think it will help encourage students to read at home with family members and caregivers. And there are some fun features like animated badges that will reward students’ efforts when they meet their goals!

So check out the newest Reading Goals feature, and let us know how it is working for you and your students!

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